Cleaner Spotlight: Julianna


To protect the privacy of individuals, some names and events have been changed or altered

It was a rainy, gloomy day when my wife and I first met Juliana. We didn’t know at the time that she would become one of our best cleaners. Or that she would still be working with us to this day (7 years later) even after having a beautiful baby girl. 

Despite getting drenched from her walk to Starbucks (for our first, in-person interview), she had a bright, contagious attitude. After a few interview questions, we knew that she was going to be a great fit for our cleaning company.

If anyone exemplifies our core values at Merit Maids, it’s Juliana. 


After a few months of partnering with her, we found out that she’s originally from Brazil and came to America for love (a handsome band teacher) and a dream (to live in America). She told us about her previous job and that she started cleaning on the side because they weren’t making enough money. 

Despite their low income, she was still sending a large portion of her earnings back home to her family. Living on a tight budget she still cared more about her family than herself – sending money 5000 miles and another continent back home. Truly a selfless act, putting her family’s needs before her own.

Now with Merit Maids, and because of her hard work, she’s able to afford to send even more money to her family without worrying about her next meal or rent payment.


In the years that Juliana has been working for us, she has received less than 5 customer complaints. The majority of them was that she was too detailed and took too long. 

With every cleaning, she would spend extra time folding towels perfectly, creating a fancy design in the toilet paper, and walking through the home with a customer at the end of every cleaning to make sure they were happy. No matter what, we knew what to expect from her; quality and care.


On countless occasions, Juliana displayed her commitment and loyalty. Immediately after finding out she was expecting her first baby, she didn’t call her parents, she called Merit Maids to let us know that she won’t be able to work for a few months. She wanted her clients to know that she was going to miss a few of their recurring appointments but that she was fully intending on coming back after giving birth.


During a vacation rental cleaning, Juliana had a customer approach her about cleaning on the side for her. She could’ve easily (and illegally) taken the customer’s information and worked out a deal with them. Without hesitation, she contacted us and told us about the situation. 


The underlying message that can be pulled from Julianna’s story is NOT a puffy-chested brag about Merit Maids. It’s an example of “the clean effect.” Your home service may not seem like much to you, but it’s life-changing to people around the world. 

Your home cleaning money can go so much further than you could ever imagine. With each cleaning that you schedule, you’re providing fulfilling, life-altering work for team members. And even income for their families who live a continent away.  

It’s also a story of a cleaner who thrived because of the content of her character. Because of her work ethic and determination, she out-earned what she would make from a part-time job with no college degree. With that money, she was able to go visit her dad in Brazil when his health deteriorated during COVID (he’s had a full recovery). She was able to save for newborn expenses. She was able to do so much with her hard-earned cleaning money. 

Thank you, Julianna, for everything. Thank you customers for your loyalty to us. 

If you’d like the same opportunity as Julianna, then please apply and join our team. Here’s why you should join our company 😉

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