Cleaning Jobs In Denver: Why You Should Join A Referral Company

Merit Maids - Cleaning Jobs In Denver Why You Should Join A Referral Company

Not all cleaning jobs are alike. For example, you can be a janitor, a live-in maid, a cleaning company employee, or a solo contractor. 

However, the best way to work as a cleaner is being an independent contractor… but working with Merit Maids, of course!

Are you an experienced cleaner? Learn here the benefits of working with a referral company! 

What is Merit Maids?

We are a local, family-owned cleaning company in Denver, proudly working in one of the best cities in the country!

Most cleaning companies work with inexperienced employees. At first, we also believed that hiring and training our cleaners was the best idea. However, we discovered that employees are mainly concerned about the paycheck. 

Now, Merit Maids is a premium and reliable cleaning company in Denver. We work as a referral company, taking care of all the business hassles while our professional cleaners do what they do best: clean houses!

Why should you join a referral cleaning company?

We not only promote freedom with our clients but also we live by it! Our cleaners control their schedule and earn as much as they want! We are a business that approaches every service as a win-win-win situation! We care for our customers and professionals alike!

In a few words, this is what we offer to our cleaning professionals:

  1. Flexible schedule
  2. Great pay
  3. Transparency
  4. A great support team

Merit Maids offer the best cleaning jobs in Denver. Read the benefits of working with us below!

1. You can focus on cleaning

A solo contractor needs to promote their services, manage the clients, and deal with their business hassles. If you are already an expert cleaner, why should you become a marketing professional, salesperson, and business manager? With us, there is no need!

Merit Maids handles the marketing, scheduling, billing, and customer service! You can focus entirely on cleaning houses and making money! Cleaning homes for Merit Maids means completing a simple checklist.

2. Manage your schedule (and keep the clients you already have!)

Merit Maids values transparency. We work a cleaning schedule with each one of our professional cleaners to know their availability. If you already have customers, don’t worry! You can keep them while also working with the referrals we send you! 

3. Weekly and reliable pay! 

As we mentioned above, we manage the billing and payments for your peace of mind! Our clients pay via card, and you receive your money each week with no exception! Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with an accurate report of your previous week’s work! 

How much money can you make with Merit Maids?

Every one of our professional cleaners can make a living! But we know you want to see a number here. Well, you can make  $1,200 + per week! Just check out how much a cleaner makes in Denver. We are high above the average!

Plus, the tips are all yours!

What is next? 

Did we get your attention? Great! Now, you can read the specifics about the job by clicking here! If you don’t have any doubts, you are ready to fill in this form! Or send us a message in the contact section at the bottom of this page to ask us any questions! 

We hope to hear from you soon!

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