Goodbye Tantrums! 6 Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Teaching your kid the habit of cleaning their room doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience for both of you. With a sprinkle of patience, a dash of understanding, and a pinch of the right approach, you can instill in your child the habit of keeping their space clean.

Here, we’ll explore six useful tips to do just that!

Tip #1. Tell them why cleaning is important

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the idea of a clean and organized room. Dedicate some quality time to explain why it’s crucial to keep their space neat and tidy.

You don’t need to overwhelm your kids with big words like responsibility and commitment. It is better to use language and ideas they can understand. Let them know that a messy room could hide their toys or bury their favorite shirt under a mountain of stuff.

While it won’t magically transform them into neat freaks, this sets the groundwork for them to understand why a tidy space is essential.

Tip #2. Lead by example

As kids come to the world with a clean slate, they need to see how things are done in order to learn. That’s why leading by example is a potent teaching tool. So, whenever you want your children to tackle a specific chore, show them the ropes step by step.

This ensures they won’t get overwhelmed by a task they don’t understand, which can make cleaning feel like a bad thing. Knowing what steps to take makes them more inclined to take on chores solo.

Tip #3. Making cleaning a fun challenge

Cleaning is not the most amusing activity; kids can be even less enthusiastic about it. However, you can make cleaning more fun to pique your child’s interest. For example, set a timer and challenge them to pick up as much as possible before time runs out—they’ll love it!

Another enjoyable option is adapting the “freeze dance” game to chores. Play their favorite song and instruct them to clean up until the music stops. When it starts again, they can resume their cleanup dance.

Tip #4. Create a cleaning plan together

When crafting a cleaning schedule, involve your kids in the process. Doing so empowers them and makes them feel like they’re contributing to something significant.

Moreover, as they’ll know what to expect, they won’t think it’s unfair when it’s time to switch off the cartoons or wrap up playtime. A consistent routine will also help them incorporate room cleaning into their schedule rather than seeing it as an external and imposed task.

Tip #5. Break chores down

Although some chores may look pretty tame and easy to us, it is different for kids. Therefore, you need to break down chores into smaller steps so they can achieve the goal without a problem.

For instance, don’t command them to clean their entire room in one go; instead, assign different tasks throughout the day (or even the week), like making the bed or tidying away toys. Ensure the chores are age-appropriate to prevent frustration and encourage success.

Tip #6. Celebrate their efforts

Teaching your kids to pick up their room is more than just giving them orders. You need to acknowledge the effort your kids put into cleaning, too! They’ll feel recognized and appreciated, as well as think they are doing a good job—which further reinforces the desired behavior.

Even a simple high-five or a “Well done!” can work wonders. You might also consider a rewards system for consistent cleanliness, such as earning extra playtime or a special treat. Just remember to keep these rewards infrequent to avoid spoiling your children.

Continue learning about cleaning your home together!

You might be the seasoned cleaner in the house, but there’s always room to learn. Explore our blog, where you’ll discover many guides and tips to make cleaning duties easier. You can eventually share them with your kids, so you learn and practice together!

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