How To Clean A New House Without Stress

Moving to a new place can raise a lot of questions and issues to take care of, more so if you have never done it before.

Regarding cleaning, you might be wondering where to begin or what you should focus on—tedious matters at first, but there is no need to stress! We’ll help you clean your new house with the following five practical tips!

Tip #1. Make a list of what you’re going to need

Before even sweeping a single room in your new home, it’s essential to size up your cleaning requirements. Take a stroll through the place to create a checklist of areas that need attention. Make a note of any visible dirt, dust, or grime, and rank your cleaning tasks.

While you’re at it, think about the gear you’ll require, too—cleaning supplies, brushes, mops, and rags—and jot them down as well. A well-considered plan will make the cleaning process smoother and more organized.

Tip #2: Get some fresh air flow

After being closed up for a while, your new place could have developed some funky odors. Ventilating the place is key to freshening up the indoor atmosphere. Throw open those windows and doors to invite in the fresh air, which will help banish any musty smells.

Since you’ll probably be using various cleaning products to spruce things up, the build-up of chemical fumes can be a concern. So, airing out the place becomes even more crucial. Don’t forget to check those air ducts and air filters for improved airflow.

Tip #3. Clean up before moving in the furniture

It’s way more convenient to clean your new place before you start lugging in all your furniture and stuff. This way, you’ll have more room to maneuver and access every nook and cranny.

Tackling the cleaning tasks before the furniture arrives ensures a thorough job, making your home fresh and welcoming right from the get-go.

Tip #4. Kick things off with the challenging spots

A great way to tackle cleaning tasks in your new home is to start with the tougher areas before you get all tired. Usually, bathrooms and—in previously owned homes—kitchens tend to be the trickiest to get sparkling, so they’re a smart place to kick things off.

Pro tip: If you’ve prepared a cleaning checklist beforehand, use it as your trusty guide!

Tip #5. Don’t overlook high-touch surfaces

Wiping down light switches, doorknobs, and handles might seem out of place when moving into a new spot. But remember, construction crews, real estate folks, and a bunch of other people could have been going in and out throughout the place before you acquired it.

All those high-touch spots could be teeming with all sorts of icky stuff from countless hands-on interactions. Spare a few moments to give them a good wipe-down with some disinfectant.

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