How To Clean Baseboards Effortlessly (No More Bending Over!)

Cleaning baseboards requires you to spend a lot of time bent over, so it isn’t a surprise your back and knees start to hurt after a while. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be standard procedure anymore! You can clean your baseboards without hurting yourself by following this easy guide.

Step 1. Clear the baseboards of dust

While grime and stains on your baseboards can be a problem, dust isn’t to be taken lightly either. So, the first thing you should always do is dust the baseboards. Otherwise, the dust will only get in the way further in your cleaning.

You can use a broom, a dry mop with a long handle, or a vacuum cleaner with a wand extension. Then, you only need to run your chosen tool from side to side.

Note: While a broom does clean the dust, it can also leave your baseboards a little streaked. To avoid that, you can attach a couple of microfiber cloths to the bristles for smoother cleaning!

Step 2. Wipe away the grime on the baseboards

Wiping the baseboards may not come first, but it’s the most important step of the process, and you need a cleaning solution to help you battle the stains and tough grime. In this case, the best option is a classic: soapy water.

Dish soap is a strong enough cleaner without being corrosive to the baseboard’s material (usually wood). You only need to dip your mop, a DIY baseboard cleaning tool (like a broom with cloths attached), or a specialized tool into a bucket filled with soapy water and wipe the surface.

Note: You can make a DIY baseboard cleaning tool with just a broom, a few microfiber cloths, and rubber bands. Place the cloths over the broom’s bristles, then use the rubber bands to keep them in place!

Step 3. Leave your baseboards to dry

Although the baseboards are clean now, it doesn’t mean you can just walk away and call it a day! To prevent the remaining water from damaging the baseboards (especially if they’re made of wood), grab a dry mop or change the cloths in your DIY tool and absorb the moisture.

Step 4. Prevent future dust in your baseboards (optional)

This last thing you can do for your baseboards is more of a preventive action than another step in this process. However, if you do this, your future clean-ups will be way easier!

You only need to attach a few dryer sheets to a broom’s bristles with rubber bands and rub the baseboards. The dryer sheets will leave an anti-static coating on the baseboards that keeps dust at bay, leaving the surface clean for longer. 

Do you need help with other chores?

Cleaning baseboards is not the only thing that requires bending or kneeling, so many other chores can be just as much of a bother if you suffer from your back or knees.

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