How To Get In A Cleaning Mood: 7 Tips For Cleaning Motivation

Merit Maids - How To Get In A Cleaning Mood 7 Tips For Cleaning Motivation

Cleaning your home is important; no one will doubt that. However, many people struggle to clean their homes. Lack of motivation comes from many reasons (some more serious than others), but everyone could use a little cleaning motivation from time to time.

In this blog post, you’ll learn some tricks that will help you get into a cleaning mood!

1. Clean on a 5-minute timer

A countdown can make anyone work faster, but this is not the reason why we included it in the list. When you are low on motivation, pressure is not the best option. However, knowing that you’ll only clean for 5 minutes can get you in the cleaning mood. 

Daunting tasks may seem a lot easier if you only do them for a few minutes!

2. Avoid high expectations

A messy home is a reason enough to make anyone struggle to tackle cleaning chores. Maybe your home is so messy that cleaning it would take the whole weekend. We’ve seen it far too many times. With the amenities and busy lifestyle in Denver, homeowners can neglect household duties for weeks. 

How do I get motivated to clean if I’m overwhelmed? If your home is messy, don’t press yourself so hard. The first thing you have to do is lower your expectations. Start slowly, one task at a time.

You can’t expect to clean a mess of weeks in a couple of hours (of course, there could be a way!)

3. Do something you enjoy while cleaning

Let’s be honest: most people don’t enjoy cleaning. Simply put, people procrastinate because they don’t like what they are supposed to do. Sounds familiar?

How do I motivate myself to clean? The easiest way to hack your brain into liking cleaning is by pairing chores with something you do enjoy. Play your favorite album while doing the dishes! Or listen to a podcast. Maybe drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for a load of laundry? You’ll start to like cleaning after that.

4. Post it on social media

People care about recognition and validation—that’s just how we are. Clean a room and post the results on Facebook or any other social media! 

Or go with the face-to-face alternative:

Tell your friends every detail of your daily cleanings! Don’t be shy! If you share your goals and achievements, you might end up being the cleaning inspiration for someone else!

5. Try a new cleaning product

It’s not necessary to spend your savings on state-of-the-art cleaning tools. In fact, you could buy a cleaner with a scent you like. Or maybe buying an electric scrubber (it will also make your chores easier!) 

Adding something new to your cleaning supplies can give the chores a fresh feeling!

6. Make a cleaning schedule

Getting into a cleaning mood is easier if you follow a routine. If you establish Monday as the “vacuuming day,” you are more likely to vacuum the floor. You can even use a calendar or a checklist. 

To make the schedule easier to follow, distribute the tasks throughout the week.

7. Or you can outsource your chores

Many homeowners feel like they have to do the chores by themselves. Well, that’s not true. As you would take your car to the mechanic or go to a doctor, you could hire someone to clean your home.

That’s what Merit Maids do! We enjoy helping Denver homeowners with their chores!  Learn more about our house cleaning services. It takes only a few minutes! Also, you can request an estimate online with just a few clicks.

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