It All Started With My Mom

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Yea, the baldy with the goofy smile, and the beautiful, smiling princess by his side.

Well, that lucky guy is me – Nathan. And the princess? That’s my wonderful wife, Lacy.

We wanted to introduce ourselves and connect with you on a more personal level. We’re the owners of 2 cleaning services: Merit Maids and Eloise’s Cleaning.


It wall started in 2014 with Eloise’s Cleaning Service. I know what you’re thinking, “Eloise? Where did you come up with that old-fashioned name? I thought you were Nathan and Lacy.”

That’s the response we get from 99% of our clients when we first shake hands.

Let me explain…

Lacy and I were dating when that photo up there was taken. During those days, she and I would go over to my parent’s house every Sunday for dinner. We’d arrive to the heavenly scent of bruschetta and freshly-baked bread. My mom, (MJ, not Eloise) is a full-blooded Italian. Like, “a kiss on each cheek” Italian. So food, wine, and family time are the only things she thinks about.

Every week, Lacy would make the effort to clean up her plate and wash her dishes but was never successful. My mom would stop here…every time.

Lacy, don’t worry about those. Come back to the table and enjoy family time. Eloise will take care of the dishes tonight.

Lacy would politely stop washing and come back to the table thinking…”Who in the world is Eloise?

It was like a competition to see if Lacy could get the crumbs off her plate before my mom stopped her. Week after week the dishes would magically be cleaned and family time would resume, uninterrupted.

We never met the famous “Eloise” and always assumed that she was a maid that my mom hired to help her around the house after we left on Sundays. After a few years of this, we finally caught on. Eloise was actually a fictitious maid that my mom had made up so we could all relax and enjoy spending time with one another.

That’s why, when we started our first cleaning service company, we chose to name it after my mom. Not something witty or as cool as Merit Maids, rather a narrative that utterly explains our mission:

We want you to have the time to relax and enjoy time with your family. Instead of sweeping, mopping, and dusting, let Eloise work in the background and take care of those items. 

C’mon and spread the love.

Hopefully we’ll chat soon.

All the best,

Nathan Lowe

P.S. Since you took the time to read our story, I’d love to repay you with a 10% off coupon code. Simply input the code “MARYJANE” on our booking form and get 10% OFF

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